Undlin & Wolfe

They wanted something related to their current themes of nature, moon phases, and the unknown. I decided to go with a simple watercolor background to mimic the texture of the moon, and tried to somewhat playfully incorporate the innocence of being so small in the grand scheme of things. 

Here's a quick interview I did with Undlin & Wolfe, as answered by Siri:

Dexter and I started playing together when we met at Perpich Center for the Arts in '07. We went our separate ways for college, but kept playing music with our own projects. We'd often send songs to each other, though. Looking for honest criticism from another musician we trusted. 

Fast forward 5 years, and we serendipitously ended up in the same city at the same time. I think something that has kept us playing music together over the years is that we both have our own distinct writing styles, but often Dexter adds something I never would have thought of, and vice versa. I opened up for Dexter's band, Rivers, on tour in September, which is when we really started writing again. Soon after, we decided to make it, like, a real thing. 

We both draw a lot of our inspiration from the seasons. We often talk about how "that song is such a winter song" etc. and I think I can speak for both of us when I say that most songs strongly mark a point in our lives, in relation to the landscape by which we are surrounded. In fact, we organized the Silver Lines EP to have a song representing each season. The idea of "seasonal" songs is where a lot of our work overlaps. 

We have super different writing styles. I tend to write 20 songs in a short period of time and play them over and over until I can figure out which ones are worth keeping and which ones are crap. Dexter takes his time. Chews over chord progressions, possible melodies and lyrics. 

Future plans? Who knows! We're excited to see what happens as we continue to write, perform and work really hard. We're lucky to be pursuing what we love most. 

What do we want people to know? Probably that we really care. We really care about the music and the people that are listening. We care about how a song might make a person feel, about how music can positively impact us on both an individual and communal level. 

(I asked about her most meaningful memory related to the band and their music)
Shortly after I returned to the USA and Dexter to MN, we met up on a dock over at Lake Harriet with our guitars. We sang and played for a really really long time. We talked a little bit, but we mostly just caught up on the music. It definitely felt like catching up with an old friend - at least about all the important stuff.

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