Alix & Andy

When I arrived at Alix and Andy's humble abode, I was warmly welcomed and instantly felt at home. At the door Alix reached for my coat (which resulted in the both of us awkwardly hanging my coat as a team, typical of our friendship), and Andy inquired about what type of tea I was interested in drinking.

Walking in to their apartment was like walking into Pinterest: brick walls matched with wooden flooring, antique furniture pieces paired with charming decorative trinkets, and so on. Being the eccentric couple that they are, there were also quite a bit of unorthodox embellishments which somehow seemed to fit right in.

They had spent the morning cleaning for my arrival (how darling), so as Alix finished applying her makeup, Andy studied for his upcoming nursing test and I sipped my green-ginger tea while photographing every cute detail of their home. (Secretly so I could steal their interior design ideas for my own).


Alix and Andy met at a Halloween party: Andy was dressed as Alex from A Clockwork Orange, and Alix went as a dead gypsy from the 1920s. They never officially started dating, so they declared Halloween their day of love. 

"I decided Halloween should be our day of love, because it combined my two favorite things. Well, two of my favorite things... I wouldn't say Halloween is my favorite". (Alix)
"Ok phew! I made the cut." (Andy)

They also shared with me the strange situation of not knowing each other's names for quite some time. They had initially began chatting so casually that they skipped right past the introductions. When Andy asked for her number he asked her what name to put it under, and she replied with, "Whatever my name is". So that's exactly what he typed. They only discovered one another's name through talking to other people, which is humorously awkward and perfect all at once. 

I asked them about their first date and Alix tells me, "Ok so it started with texting about robbing a bank...". (A typical texting conversation...). Their first date involved walking around the woods behind the school, to take pictures for Alix's photography class. They came across a gruesome dead deer and in their present day apartment you'll see a surprisingly tasteful black and white photograph of that very deer up on the wall. 


Andy tells me his favorite date was when they went to a live version of Macbeth, acted out in a large building where you could wander freely to see the story as a true bystander. (You're encouraged to wander separately from who you came with to cut down on interruptive talking).

"So I guess that's Andy's favorite date even though we were hardly together." 
"Well that's why it was my favorite, I didn't have to deal with her the whole time." (Laughs)

Alix went on to tell me all the lovely things they found time for this fall. The Fall Color River Cruise, the Luna Rossa wine cave tour in Stillwater, multiple visits to her parents cabin in beautiful Prescott, WI, and a trip to the pumpkin patch. There they acquired two pumpkins, named them Maybell and Harriet, and then found them devoured by heartless squirrels soon after. Alix also added Halloween shopping to her list of fun dates.

"That doesn't count as a date."
"Well it's a fun activity for me", says Alix smiling.

"Yeah ok, for you it might as well be a date."

They only moved to the Stevens Square neighborhood in September, but they fell in love with the area instantly. It's apparently one of the most dog friendly areas they've seen.

"You can get dog bones handed out in so many places. The hardware store, coffee shops, even Electric Fetus."
"Alix usually grabs one or two for herself as well."

I stayed at their place for hours longer than planned, but it was just so cozy, it was hard to leave. Andy cooked up a delicious broccoli and feta omelet, we had a small drink of Glogg (a Swedish hot mulled wine), and ended the session reminiscing about those little blue calculators from elementary school in the 90s. (Pretty riveting stuff). 

Their finals words for the blog:
"We're madly, wildly in love. For ever. Wooooooo!"